Droplets | BEDA 19

“Ronnie! Ronnie!”

Her shrill voice filled every corner of the house until it found it’s way to his ears. He let out a sigh through smiling lips; crawling out of bed, he was met to the sound of eager fists against his door.

“Ronnie! Open up, please!”

As soon as the door opened, she came tumbling into the room falling gracelessly against the hardwood. “Hope, are you -“

“Ronnie! It’s raining! It’s finally raining! We need to get the blankets, and pillows, and candles, and music, and books, and -“

“Slow down, are your knees okay? You took quite a fall just then.”

“I’m fine,” she said her knees throbbing red. “But we need to celebrate the rain! We need to do it just like before – like when dad was here.”

Pity swept over his face; gently, he knelt to meet her eyes, “He’s coming back, Hope. He’s only away for a little while longer.”

“I just wish he were here right now.” Her whisper narrowly passed the space between them before her eyes filled with tears. He held her against his chest and kissed the top of her head. Soon her sobs subsided and she was able to smile up at him.

Holding her flushed face he tried his best to hide behind a desperate smile. “You get the pillows, I’ll get the blankets, then we can stay up all night reading as many stories as you’d like.”


“Plus, I’ll make grilled chesses.”

An eager grin crept across her face as Ronnie’s offers increased; glancing to the window, however, she grew somber again. “Could we just sit and listen to the rain for a little while?”

They walked hand in hand to the window and as she opened it, a gust of cold wind filled the room. They sat in silence listening to the rain fall.

We finally got some (audible) rain. Still very light but rain all the same – I’m a very happy camper.


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